Time Blocks Type experiment with Shader & Three.jsPoster A digital poster showcasing art work that I visited & photographedAnimated Blob Shader animationVanishing Point Generative drawingSun Generative drawingsNumerical Type design with geometry and CSS gridAlphabet Type design and motion study in CSSLine Drawing Sketches of lines & arcs2019 New Year greeting for 2019Travel A WIP drawing of my travel recordsGoogle Fonts A complete redesign of Google FontsTopeka App A quiz demo app for Google IOChelsea Illustrated A quiz demo app for Google IOThe Search Operators The sloppy twin of Google searchText Experiment Drawing with ProcessingInvisible Light Data Visualization of Network Traffic in the airCogito Ergo Sum I_ therefore I exist
Yuin Chien is a San Francisco based designer & programmer focusing on graphic design, generative art and creative coding. She creates plotter drawings and runs a print shop. Her work has been selected by MoMA, Communication Arts, STA 100 Awards, Huffington Post, and The Verge. See resume.