Numerical Compositions

This project experiments with type design, creative coding and drawing with machine.
It was an aspiration to create typographic drawings with my pen plotter machine, I designed a single stroke variable font for numerical featuring basic geometry of line, circle and polygon. Made with html canvas and Paper.js, the type can be dynamically generated with different constructs of line weight, stroke cap, and polygon/circle shapes for wide range of visual expressions. Checkout the type generator in the browser.
I created a series of pen plotter drawings with the generative font to explore typographic compositions, abstract form, and color dynamics. Checkout the plotter drawings at
Pen plotter drawings created with acrylic paint markers.
L1000860 L1000870
L1000552 2 L1000560 2 L1000555
L1000863 L1000876
L1000880 L1000878
L1000902 L1000702 3
L1000688 L1000784 2
L1000657 5 L1000897